Teacher placed on leave after parents criticise size-Z prosthetic breasts

Why We Should Talk Openly About Fake Boobs

People can wear artificial breast shapes, also known as fake boobs, on their bodies like a vest. They also go by the names of breast forms or breastplates. Different people, such as those in cosplay or transgender individuals who want a more feminine appearance, use fake boobs.

Whether one needs to wear fake boobs on different occasions is controversial. A Canadian teacher wears Z cup fake boobs at school. Some parents think it's disrespectful and bad for their kids if she wears them on formal occasions.

Kayla Lemieux, the transgender high school teacher in Canada - who went viral for her prosthetic Z-cup breasts - was allegedly seen by a neighbor dressing as a man outside school grounds

But between breast forms and wearing occasions, Here are some points to consider:

Anti-discrimination laws

Laws in some countries protect people from discrimination due to medical conditions, gender identity, or gender expression. Schools should provide equal treatment and opportunities for all students, including allowing wearable fake boobs.

Sensitivity and education

Schools can teach their staff and students about breast cancer, mastectomy, and using breast forms. Spreading awareness helps people understand and care about each other in school.

Education on fake boobs use can begin with learning about the different types and materials used in their production. Best silicone material makes Minaky's fake boobs stretchy and easy to wear. They are usually vest types.

Students and parents should openly discuss any special needs for using breast forms with school staff. Schools can work together to create a caring and inclusive environment that focuses on everyone's well-being.

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