Enjoy Your Feminine Side

Enjoy Your Feminine Side

Although we love women’s clothing, it is inappropriate to wear it all the time, especially in the public place where crossdressing is taboo...

Here are some useful tips to satisfy the desire without getting noticed!

First you can Try the satin shirts. They are made of quite feminine fabric but not taboo for men.

Besides of that, you can try to hide your women clothing under your pants! Lingerie and vagina pants!

For panties, unless you through a powerful detector and do not take precautions, no one is gonna to know that you are wearing panties and bras under your men’s clothing. Since you are a man, at most time you will be wearing baggy pants, so there is little risk for your panties to be noticed. However, you need to be careful about the style of your pants! Very wide pants could expose your lingerie, especially if you bend down to catch an object fell on the floor. So make sure you wear appropriate pants with a belt.

Now, let’s talk about the bra. A bra is a hard part of feminine clothing to hide. It is obvious tat you will not be able to wear shirts with any levels of transparency or any thin clothes. Otherwise, your secret under your men’s clothing might be discovered. First choose a bra close to your skin tone, that is quite important to conceal. The ideal is to wear simple bras instead of lace bras when going outside. Try those without hooks and adjusters. Because of the pandemic, it prevents physical contact and avoid the awkwardness of possible embraces. In the winter or colder days, you can also try bras with straps and adjustment since heavy clothes on top of you will help you to conceal.

Then it comes to the silicone vagina pants. If you want to feel the daily life of an actual woman, try it. Make sure to select a soft and elastic one to wear, otherwise it is hard to wear and take it off, and might harm your skin! With the pants, you can see the body shape of a sexy woman on your body, and you can even touch it by your hand. It is just like touching yourself using your own hands! The urinary conduit makes you have to pee sitting on the toilet, and women’s pants looks nicer on you with the vagina pants! Make sure to select a more advanced version, the skin texture, hip-up function and elasticity make it more like a real part of you.

However, there is also the possibility for you to have an accident or get sick outside your home. If doctors need to take your cloth off to examine your health condition, it could become awkward. They might think that is funny, but please understand them and follow their instructions. Health professionals have to follow a strict code of ethics and violating it has serious consequences for them.

Finally, try to use beautiful pieces that you like. The most important is that you know what you are wearing, and what makes you day more beautiful and brighter!

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