How to  Pass as a Woman

How to Pass as a Woman

Passing sounds like the holy grail for crossdressers. If we work hard enough, lose extra pound and practice voice lessons for hours, maybe we could successfully pass as a women. We build up a wall and treat passing as something elusive that is to be dreamed about and never achieved.
However, passing is easier than you think if you forget about the perception that everyone, every time needs to perceive you as a woman.
Here is some practical and useful tips for how to crossdress and pass as a woman.

1. Dress as your age. If you are a student, do not try to dress sexy.
2. Choose a wig wisely. Choose a wig that fit your face and current situation.
3. Hair removal is always a problem. Choose a better razor, since it will make your life and daily cross-dress easier.
4. Choose breast plates of good quality. Consider those of good quality and elastic. More real skin texture on the neck and breast make others less likely to notice the difference.
5. Avoid direct confrontation with anyone. When it is inevitable, be prepared. For example, when I go to the grocery store, I know I will be asked cash or credit so I will have my cash or credit card ready in my hand before they ask, and handle it. If I have to speak, I will speak softly and quietly, and smiling. In the restaurant, I point to the menu directly to reduce the chance of speaking.
6. Walk slowly like a women, not like a caveman.
7. Get a portable mirror and use it. Women need constant attention, so check in the mirror frequently. Walking on the street could result in blown and fuzzy hair, and eating could mess us the make up. Be prepared.
8. Smell like a woman. Choose a perfume and use it.
9. Consider where you should go in the public area to minimize problems. Unless you have successfully passed, stay out of the ladies’ room.
And there you have learned 9 essential and practical tips for crossdressing. These are quite basic and good for beginners. Don’t stop here, there is still much more to learn about how to pass.



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